Robert Morning Sky

RAW’s references to Robert Morning Sky always intrigued me, as if the half-Apache, half-Hopi writer/speaker/academic (who describes himself as “a Nobody”) had some special significance for Wilson – over and above others who claim earth had a history of visitations from extraterrestrials.

Morning Sky wrote in his book, The Terra Papers, that his grandfather, as a young man, was one of the rescuers of a ‘Star Being’: “Calling him the Star Elder, the youths sat at the knee of their Friend, examining all of the crystalline images with great care, piecing together the incredible history of our Solar system and Mankind itself.”

On some early versions of RAW’s website (starting around January 1998), RAW included the following link to Morning Sky’s home page:

(I should add that after RAW started putting his links into different categories, around May 1999, he put the Morning Sky link into an ‘ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK’ section. You can see a snapshot of RAW’s favourite webites from this time – with working links to all the original sites – on RAW’s web time-machine).

‘Robert Morning Sky’ gets its own entry in RAW’s book, Everything is Under Control (1998). Bob notes here that Morning Sky “studied linguistics at the University of Arizona”, and “[Morning Sky] says his ideas should be judged on the evidence and not any claim to ‘authority’ of any sort”. He adds that:

‘Robert Morning Sky’s works dissent openly and rather pugnaciously from the views of both traditional white historians and New Age mystics. He also says he is proud to be a primitive rather than a sophisticate, tracing “primitive” back to roots meaning not derived from anything else, original, primary, etc. and “sophisticate” back to roots signifying deception, falsification, and corruption.’
Robert Anton Wilson, Everything is Under Control

The reference link listed for Morning Sky in Everything is Under Control has been unavailable since late 2000 (which probably also explains why it disappeared from RAW’s website in 2001). Archived versions are available – December 1998 and June 2000. Morning Sky’s current home page is here, and his book, The Terra Papers seems available as a PDF download.

“Woman is the daughter born of the genes of her extraterrestrial ancestress”
– Robert Morning Sky, Future Woman

The Terra Papers seems “a pretty wild trip”. What interested RAW especially? Something in Robert Morning Sky’s approach and semantic style that distinguished him? Particular claims he made? The charmingly self-deprecating remarks (such as I am a ‘Nobody’…and I like it!“)?

Here’s an image from The Terra Papers:

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  1. Robert Morning Sky enthralled captive audiences at his “Talking Circles” in Australia in the 90’s. Intelligent. Charismatic. Funny. He could entertain and talk for hours and people hung on his every word; at $50 a head to attend, he made a substantial amount of money… One night, I phoned his ex-wife / mother of his children in the USA. We talked at length about “Bob” (as she called him) and what he was up to in Australia… and we laughed and laughed and laughed!!! I learned that Robert Morning Sky is a liar. He is a fraud. He is a con man. $$$$ Robert Morning Sky is full of shit!


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