RAW experimental

A quick post to mention the new website I created for this year’s Maybe Day, which I’ve since added more content to. RAW experimental showcases upscaled images for promoting the work of Robert Anton Wilson. I set it up after experimenting with AI upscaling and face recovery software, since it occurred to me that RAW seemed an ideal subject, given the paucity of accessible high-resolution images available of him. (On the other hand, there seems no shortage of blurred, low-res RAW images, from Youtube videos, etc!)

I’ve added more images since the Maybe Day launch (July 23rd). The bigger your screen, the better, since you can then fully appreciate the difference between the original images and the upscaled versions. The case studies show plenty of before/after comparisons. See also the galleries for upscaled RAW images and filter effects applied to those high-resolution images. I’m also going to be adding a visual ‘memes’ section (when I get around to it), so stay tuned…

The example images shown below are much smaller than those available at the site.

RAW experimental – example image using upscaling & filters. Full-size here
An upscaled image from RAW experimental – see site for full-size images

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