There are other instances of the term “gestalt” in RAW’s books and articles (the above seemed the most notable to me. I may list a few more in the comments). Acknowledgment: Jim Wray on Twitter (for usage of some terms) – update 10 Feb 2022.

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  1. As I mentioned on twitter, the detailed pic of RAW sticking his tongue out originally comes from the January 1998 issue of .net magazine, which featured an interview with Wilson. I scanned that interview and its accompanying images for an earlier blog post:

    .net magazine interview


  2. This is excellent. The kind of humor and viewpoint that I’m sure RAW would have preferred to the dismal “funny” FB memes that are usually about mocking opposing political factions. And you’re not just parroting RAW either, but make your own original contributions. Well done and keep it up.


    1. Reading thru FB now feels like scanning thru Breibart 5 years ago. Those algs have won on that platform. Better to keep it to books and blogs.


      1. You both seem right to me about Facebook. Someone posted a link to my blog on the RAW Fans FB page earlier today, to little apparent interest (my site stats show zero hits coming from Facebook – update: some hits from FB now). In fact the FB page looks swamped by discussions about whether the “censorship” of Jordan Roguean or Joe Peterswald or whoever, by the abstract noun, “liberals”, “is” “actual fascism”, as if that’s the only legitimate way to frame “what is happening politically”. I could perhaps understand a real discussion about “censorship”, but it makes me suspicious when the same mediocre personalities (who appear promoted all over FB) keep popping up, framed as the victims of generalised “libtards”. Nobody mentions the lawsuits brought against people like George Lakoff or Carole Cadwalladr, etc, in an attempt to harass them publicly and financially, so as to shut them up. Probably because in those cases, the perpetrators aren’t a vague abstract noun, but specific Russian businessmen with names and links to Trump (in Lakoff’s case) or RW millionaire Brexiteers with names (in Cadwalladr’s case). Those cases apparently don’t register with the algorithms, or aren’t on the lists of the trolls and bots posting (or “liking” or “sharing”) this static low-info din.


    1. Thanks, Niko. AI programs give me a starting point to work on, but they more often generate an unholy mess! There’s usually quite a lot of manual (digital) dabbling I have to do before something half-decent emerges.


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